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Global expansion

We look for Latin American companies with potential to develop into global players.
We create an investible vehicle in Europe to take advantage of the different sources of private capital in the continent. And we become equity partners, sharing the risks and benefits associated with penetrating new markets.



We will examine your business model and will evaluate if there is market fit for your value proposition in Europe. 




We will interact with potential customers and early adopters to evaluate their interaction with the MVP.



We will work with the best Marketing Agencies in the market to make sure we reach the right audience with the right message

Integral Marketing Strategy

We work with several legal and accountancy firms to advice on the most appropriate vehicle structure to minimise risk and optimise global tax exposure.

Vehicle Structuring

Access to Funding

We will assess the venture's fit to different government funded schemes available in Europe. We also work with different venture capital and private equity firms that will advice on the best sources of private capital for each venture.

We work with immigration specialists that will advice on the most appropriate visa schemes for the free movement of people within the company. 

Visa &


We work with several independent recruitment agencies, so that we can source the best talents available in the market to cover any role when needed.



We work with several accounting firms to provide bookkeeping and payroll.

Admin & Accounting

We are constantly interacting with the main incumbents in every sector allowing us to test your solutions against the best in the field. 

Corporate Interaction

We want to hear about your company

Send us your canvas and we will assess your business model's fit to the European market.

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