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Exporting goods or services?

If you are company looking to start exporting to Europe or Latin America, we operate as agents or representatives in your target market. We identify and liaise with local distribution channels and we concentrate on driving demand towards your products and services.


We identify market opportunities, assess your main competitors and evaluate their capacity to influence the market. But most importantly, we identify and get to know your customers. 



We allocate resources to set up, dismount and professionally run your stand in order to generate leads. Your company can maximise its presence in fairs and events and minimise cost of travel and having staff away for days.


in Fairs &


We work with several copywriters and digital marketing agencies to deliver a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to the needs of our clients.




We create a clear and actionable strategic plan based on your internal capabilities, the risk levels involved and your goals. We help you define processes and the appropriate structure to minimise risks and optimise costs and implementation time.




We identify the most appropriate distribution channels for your products and services, the ones that will provide the most leverage in the target market. 

We also work with warehouses and logistic companies to make sure your products reach customers on time. 

Logistic & Distribution Channels

Business Development & Sales

Ultimately, we share the same objective as our customers:

to increase sales

We will push hard for your products or services to make a dent in the target market.

We want to hear about your company

Send us your plan and will find the best market entry strategy.

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